The Abhyuday evening schools across the country would be like Sanjh ki Kiran, which would keep the darkness of incompetence away, even after the sun has gone down. Swami Vivekananda would say that education is that which brings out the best within us. It’s like the nurturing that makes a tiny seedling grow into a big Ashwatha tree, even the mighty Kalptaru. Without the gardener’s nurturing, even a Kalpataru might not grow to its fullest potential – the wrath of nature could consume it. We want to create the gardens and the gardeners to help today’s kids blossom like an Ashwatha, like a Kalpataru of the future.

The evening schools would cater to the children of the migrant labourers and others who are economically challenged and who cannot afford to send their kids to coaching classes or good schools. Thus, these kids are deprived of the essential ammunition to fight poverty in the long run and the keys to better lives. The evening schools are meant to fill in the gaps in the education for these kids, thus nurturing them to become atma nirbhar citizens of India.