Who We Are

In Indian philosophy, Kalpataru is a Wishing Tree, a bountiful source that can fulfil humanity’s wishes. At Kalpataru, we strive to meet some of the basic needs, if not all wishes, of people around us. Our means are limited. But our dreams are boundless. We have an undying conviction that if we all sacrificed a bit of our energy, resource and time, we would collectively amass enough to make some difference to society, spread some happiness, dispel some gloom. We envision a greener world, where the women would have better health, the children better education, and the people, affected by the sudden wrath of nature, some basic aids to survive the turmoil.

Our Mission

To create a self-sustaining greener world, where the women are  empowered and children educated

Our Motto

तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा, We Rejoice with What Has Been Sacrificed